Art by Burdge
Colour by me

You know an art block has gone too far when you’re not even painting your own drawings

you made it so much better!!!!! <3


fave adventure time couples <3 (human au ahahah)

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achievement hunter | heists

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Demon Portrait of Nauseo for im-bravo

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The next supreme

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I decided to create this as an outline for anyone who may need it. These fifteen points are what I consider most often when developing a character, but there are others, given the genre and plot I’m aiming to achieve.I thought it’d be fun to make it a challenge to develop one character throughout fifteen tasks because I honestly do think personas have become lost in recent years and are typically replaced with self-insert narrators or too static leads.

Let me know if you have any questions. Enjoy!

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Sometimes I regret being nice, apologizing when I didn’t do anything wrong, and for making unworthy people a priority in my life

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The Backwater GospelThe Animation Workshop

Deathigner, National Taiwan University of Arts , Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts

Juste de l’eau, Carlos de Carvalho

The RewardThe Animation Workshop

Zombillenium, Arthur de Pins

Skip, Sarah Jolley

義足のMoses, ??? Gagame? (someone please help me provide an actual credit for this)

Rob n’ Ron, Tumblehead

Out of SightNational Taiwan University of Arts

Laundry Day, Guillaume Chartier

Omelette, by Madeline Sharafian

Le Royaume, Student graduating film, Gobelins

The DuetGlen Keane

  • 13 year old:

    I'm so old and cool!! I'm gonna be able to do so much in 3 years when I'm 16! Look how old and cool I am!! I'm not a child!! I can do everything on my own!

  • 17 year old:

    I am very much a child and I am very scared about what my life is gonna be in the next few years someone please make me grilled cheese and tomato soup so i can sob into it






Decided to take a video while flying this morning.

Best. Idea. Ever.


Reminder that this actually exists in our world


I’m gonna cry.

i just read this and thought “humans cant fly dont lie to me sir” then realised, airplanes. 

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